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Hi.My name is Nikola,I live in Belgrade,and I'm here to check out some games,although I don't have much time to play,coz my work doesn't allow me much free time.I also like to share opinions of games with other gamers,so see what they think about a particular game.Genres I like are:
-Actions (little less that strategies)
-RPG's (Gothic and Elder Scrools very much)
Games that I'm a fan of are:
-Total War series (DEEPLY dissapointed in Medieval II:Total War,and Kingdoms expansion pack)
-GTA series(although dissapointing)
-Gothic series
-Elder Scroll series (although I only played Oblivion)
And other games that may not be related to genres I mentioned above.It depends on the game.
I'm opened to any friend invites and share of opinions and debates.

Posted on 09/14/2008 05:48
Medieval II:...

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms(PC): good

It just needs to offer more...MUCH MORE!
8.0 great
Posted on 08/02/2008 11:43
Codename: Panzers

Codename: Panzers(PC): Good

Good game,but it needs more work to be better...
7.4 great
Posted on 07/31/2008 14:22
T-72 Balkans on...

T-72 Balkans on Fire!(PC): Good

Good intentions,but game lacks M-84's (Serbian tanks),BTR's,BMP's,M-80A (Serbian IFV),and many other weapons that were used in Yugoslavian Civil Wars.Although,some bigger battles are also lacking,and graphics are also a problem.Bug is also that crew bails... Read More
6.5 good
Posted on 07/31/2008 14:02
Warcraft III:...

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos(PC): LEGEND

Total legend of strategy games.Blizzard really made a number 1,the god of all RTS's series.Along with Starcraft,it's a king of strategies.
9.7 perfect
Posted on 07/26/2008 11:33
World in Conflict

World in Conflict(PC): Not bad...

In this game,player destroyes 10.000 Russian tanks,kills some 100.000 men,shoots down 50.000 helicopters...This game needs to be more realistic,and it needs SOVIET CAMPAIGN!I'm sick that "all-good-and-pious" Americans always play good guys.
5.7 alright
Posted on 07/25/2008 09:13
Gothic 3

Gothic 3(PC): Very good

Game is very good,but I still think that Gothic 2 is better,coz it follows it's story,and it's not a copy of Oblivion,that just has this free-choice method.Gothic 3 also has a huge number of bugs,so they could wait 2 months more to fix everything properly... Read More
8.0 great
Posted on 07/25/2008 08:56

Blitzkrieg(PC): Excelent!

This game is very realistic when looked at tanks-Tigers and Panthers destroy Shermans in1 shot.Only the accuracy is a problem.Very good.But Blitzkrieg 2 is a dissapointment
9.2 perfect
Posted on 07/25/2008 08:54

FIFA 08(PC): Rating

Utter crap
3.0 very bad
Posted on 07/23/2008 05:54
Gothic II

Gothic II(PC): Rating

Very good game.I discovered it by acsident,coz one of my friends asked me for it,and I even ignored my Elder Scrools Iv:Oblivion for 1 month to play it,but I haven't completed it.Too bad I lost it :(
9.0 superb
Posted on 07/23/2008 05:51
Medieval 2: Total...

Medieval 2: Total War(PC): Rating

M2:TW has almost nothing new.Everythiung in that game has been seen in previous Total War series.The ONLY new thing in M2:TW is Merchant agent.Everything else is shit.
2.0 awful