EB selling Burger King games for $8?
Posted: 02/06/2007 08:17 by JamieSIComments: 0
You might remember our announcement of a Burger King deal which saw several exclusive Xbox 360 games being made available to purchase when you buy a meal from the popular fast food chain. The games cost around $3.99 each and where unique to Burger King Customers.

Several reports from customers at EB stores are reporting that the video game retail company is selling the games at second hand for up to $8 which is over double the amount of what you’d pay in Burger King.

This does seem quite a scam to many of our visitors. We’ll be getting in contact with EB Games to find out if and why they’ve got these games priced so high.

Update: I’ve been informed that they are now $0.99 in most Burger King Stores which makes this report seem even more ridiculous. Thanks to Carlton for emailing that in! Check back soon for EB’s response!

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