Donkey Kong Country 2 available on Wii Shop
Posted: 05/17/2007 06:30 by JamieSIComments: 0
Nintendo has pleased many UK fans today. We're normally used to them releasing the Virtual Console games late, but today they've released them a day earlier because of a public holiday in Germany. Just to add to the greatness of this news, the game they've released is Donkey Kong Country 2.

DKC 2 was one of the most successful games on the Super NES, it's a game that many people play even to this day and has a large cult following. DKC 2 is currently going for around £15 on Ebay, but with this release you're now able to get it for 800 Wii points, which costs around £5. Bargain!

Mario & Yoshi, the NES puzzle game has also been released for 500 Wii points.

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