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Im Scyth and I love video games so much I'm becoming a video game programmer. I have a new camp called Darkness is Shadow so go check it out and join if you want. For Where There is Darkness, There is Power. >:)

Currently playing: Aliens vs. Predator
BioShock 2---PS3 / 360 / PC---10/5/2009
posted on 04/24/2009 13:20

Rapture barely survived. A surface-dweller came down almost 10 years ago and struck at the heart and mind of the once-beautiful underwater utopia, plunging its inhabitants further into the depths of desperation.

First he assassinated the city’s founder, Andrew Ryan. Next, he killed Frank Fontaine, the man who controlled the Adam. Then, with a cavalier disregard for the chaos his actions triggered, the surface-dweller left – and so did the Little Sisters. That’s when things in Rapture really got bad. Trapped in a dead man’s crumbling dream, the frantic splicers fought savagely over the dwindling Adam supply, killing friends and family to feed an appetite for perfection. Big Daddies continued their lonely patrols with no one to protect…until she showed up. Now, Big Sister has brought the little ones back to Rapture, and the Adam is flowing again. A forgotten lust for the substance has reignited, and the Little Sisters are its gatekeepers. You need the precious substance as much as anyone; Adam fuels you plasmids and superhuman strength, but unlike the crazed splicers, you don’t need to attack the young girls for a fix. After all, the Little Sisters trust you. You’re a Big Daddy. Your family.

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