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Posted on 09/13/2008 05:40
Call of Duty 4:...

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare(PC): pretty good game

this is a pretty good game, sometimes a little amusing like the voice giving orders on the radio, why does he sound like a wwf wrestler? :P
9.0 superb
Posted on 07/10/2008 17:39
Battlefield: Bad...

Battlefield: Bad Company(PS3): BF: bad Company, good stuff

excellent game, if you like military 1st person shooters this is the one to get. if you don't have a surround sound system to listen to this on I feel very sorry for you, the sound is unbelievable!
the destructive environments are a hoot and really show... Read More
9.5 perfect
Posted on 05/19/2008 20:44
Resistance 2

Resistance 2(PS3): It's Resistance 2!

If I am going to get a better experience overall from the second install installment (better graphics,more weapons,insane enemy's) then RE-2 deserved an 11!
9.9 perfect
Posted on 04/22/2008 02:39
Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise(Xbox360): It's not takedown, but it is still great!

I love the Burnout franchise, Burnout 3 Takedown was such a great game that it was the only game on my Xbox that I never thought of trading in. matter of fact, I used to call my old Xbox my Burnout machine is was so fun. Burnout Paradise is great in it's... Read More
9.0 superb
Posted on 04/22/2008 02:11
Dark Sector

Dark Sector(PS3): fun game, could be great....could be...

Dark sector is a really fun game, the "glaive" is an excellent weapon and the controls are easy and intuitive. the real shame about this game is that I see so much potential that was wasted, for example, the "glaive" is nice, but, if Hayden Tenno was... Read More
8.3 superb