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"Ohh it's good to be back"
posted on 12/08/2011 15:46

As the title implies, i'm back after 5-6 months of absence, hardware problems have made it impossible to aces the web, hopefully i will not have to stay away this much time.

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"Against the ionized odds "
posted on 02/21/2011 18:20

Finally my new mosaic inspired form StarCraft 2 and this video: it's done, i loved so much the way the author combined the sound track with the images, it's just perfect, that's what inspired me the make this mosaic.

Hope you all Stacraft Fans will like it.

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"Introduction to destruction"
posted on 12/20/2010 15:28

I have bean reminded that SI has a blog system so i figured that i introduce myself ^_^.
I've discovered Strategy Informer in May 1 2008 in a search for C&C Generals Zero Hour mods, i have to admit at first i wasn't very active, mostly reading articles and news looking for mods on other games, but lately in the last year and a half i've increased my activity on the site.

I'm a romanian "graphical artist", on my way to becoming a full artist, i like to work in AutoCAD, Photoshop, SDK-Hammer Editor, 3dsMAX. You can say i love classic games more than these new one ex. Red Alert 2,
Some of my 3D creations are the Allied ConYard and Allied WarFactory modeled in AutoCAD2007 and even the Russian ConYard witch is in construction atm(you can see some photos in my gallery)

I'm more of a strategy gamer i love RTS like Age of Empires Series, C&C Series, Total War, StarCraft 1,2 WarCraft 1,2,3, Sins of a Solar Empire. I play a lot of free MMORPG like: Lord of The Rings Online, EverQuest II Extended, Dungeons & Dragons Online.
On the artistic side i make a lot of photos avatars (the small one with the red black&white L made by me)if you want a personalized avatar you can contact me here by PM.(i hope that this dosen't count as advertising)
If you want to chat you can find me on Steam, StarCraft2 just PM me.

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