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Hey guys,

Wow it's been a long time... err, how's it going?

Just in case anyone hadn't realised - our new site design is now live!

If you consider the changes we made earlier in the year - namely the header section and the 'Game HQs' as Phase 1, then this is Phase 2.

Highlights of Phase Two are:

* New Homepage Layout - neat huh? Whilst I'll personally miss the flash-based central box, the way it's laid out now makes better use of the hi-res image ma-jiggy we use on articles now, and just looks a hell of a lot better.

* Side bar is gone - The Genre filters were never really used, and things like Downloads and the site-menu became more and more redundant as we added features elsewhere. Makes the whole site wider, which is good.

* HD Video-player - something we've been needing for agggesss, now we have a bigger, better, HD-er videoplayer, so if you ever want to watch a trailer, come watch it here instead.

WARNING: Now that we have an uber cool videoplayer, I'll probably need to start selling ads on it, which means pre-rolls. Don't give me that look, it's a necessary evil.

* Facebook - we actually started our Facebook page well before the redesign went live, but in case you haven't noticed we have a facebook page now, and there's a bar for it on the homepage down the right hand side.

* Search Bar Moved - The Search Bar has been moved into the header as... well... there was nowhere else to put it. Not a fan myself, but there you go. It's snazzier now though as it has drop down icons and EVERYTHING. Let us know what you think.

* Competitions - because there is no dedicated Editorial section (they've been merged into the new homepage layout), Competitions are going to be promoted slightly different. We'll probably still promote them in the central section, but we'll also be using the space in the top left, just below the header.

* New tagline - To help with our image, we've changed our tagline to "Every Game has Strategy". Which is true.

* Whatever else I've forgotten/ Kres hasn't told me about - there might be more, I just can't remember the rest. Should have covered most of the important stuff.

Please do give us your feedback, as it's important that we know if we're going in the right direction or not. Feel free to make suggestions as well, as sometimes an outside perspective helps.

Phase 3 is mainly going to involve cleaning up the bugs, but there's also a couple of other things we're looking into:

* Replacing the 'Community' section with a new, internal forum. Camps, Blogs etc... weren't being used much, and we have an external forum but that also kind of died. Hopefully this will be better.

* Left-over pages - there's still a couple of pages that keep to the old format, we'll get to those, and we'll also be looking at pages that haven't quite adapted as well to the new width.

You can leave feedback here, on this thread that's already been going a while: or email us at pr [at] strategyinformer [dot] com


Joe 'JustCommunication' Robinson
Deputy Editor

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By Revan (SI Elite) on 11/05/2011 07:51
Sucks! I Hate it!
Lol Nah just kiddin'.
There have been so many changes to SI lately (including Ads! Whyyyy!!!), that I've actually forgotten what it used to look like! :P
I think the new design looks pretty clean, and thats always a good thing. People lose interest when a site becomes too cluttered.
But back to the Ads! I know thats what keeps SI going and paid for and stuff, but why not at least let the Elite members disable them or something? You know, as a members only thing for Elites?
I mean putting up with Herod's Biased comments for this long has to count for something, right?!! :P
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on 11/05/2011 21:20
As long as I can start commenting again soon :P

Nah, no worries. Scheiße happens.
By VHugoSama (SI Core) on 11/06/2011 17:15
By nocutius (SI Elite) on 11/07/2011 13:40
Like i've already said in that other thread, i like the integration of all the features into onw coherent whole. The old system had everything spread out too much, there wasn't any real connection between all the parts so this is a definite improvement.

The HD player was the most critical upgrade for me as i wasn't really watching the 'important' videos here anymore.

Everything else is just a matter of getting used to, no real complaints from my part.