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Posted: 09/12/2012 06:50 by FoolWolfComments: 2
So, the new beast has arrived. An OC i5 3.8ghz processor, GFX 660TI OC, SSD disc, harddrive, 16GB RAM, fan controls, a white shiny chassi and good mainboard...

Now the harderst sollution for an aspiring amateur HiFI wanna be and avid gamer - What for sound?

My main board had a decent hi definition built on sound sollution that is good enough for gaming and speaking - but for those lossless music time - My nuForce Icon 2 has to sit in and wait for a better sollution.

Easy - it just takes some time to scamble up some money... The Lead Audio LA-100 is high up on the wish list right now. Yummy!

For gaming - I have abrand new MX red switched CM Storm Rapid. A delight! Best keyboard I have ever had - and I have had quite a lot of them! This ten-keyless keyboard is small, gives a better angle between left and right hand while gaming, is solid built, have a wonderful feeling and is easy to use, not a lot of ports here and there - solid build up and no fancy pancy stuff - but have a few quick keys via a "FN" key. Like media control, volume and locking the win key etc.
Mouse is still Steelseries Sensei - I tried briefly the QPad 5K again, but noticed that the feeling wasn't quie there. It is a solid mouse, but on the size of awkward for me. May give it some more time later on.

The biggest realization was when I downloaded all the danged games again. STEAM and GOG - was installed. Origin - no. I simply, when faced with massive download times, realized that I don't look forward to play ME3, I no longer play Battlefield 3, nor Shank, Nor Dragon Age 1 nor 2 and I don't like Origin - I have only some friends that was added from BF3 on there and well - BF3 would have been the reason to get it back - but I have realised one more thing. Counter Strike GO is the game for fathers just wanting to have a few games of shooting and be doen with it. The quick paces rounds and solid shooting and quick netcode makes for an hour of fun. BF3 - you could be stuck in a match like forever sometimes.
That's what I have SKYRIM for ;)

Also - not installing a heap of old games makes room for some comming attractions and the guilt list has been severally cut.

A new computer and a GFX660TI oc that easily handles most games now and a SSD that makes rebooting and/or starting up a breeze of seconds is something I can heartily recommend.

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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on 09/13/2012 02:55
Seems to me like you have been saving up for this monster for quite some time ;)

I got my new system in January, and the SSD's are worth every penny.

Game on my friend, and enjoy your new system.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on 09/18/2012 08:26
Mostly, it has been a learning curve on what to get and not - so since early summer I have been reading up and build my "imaginary" system and one day it just felt like it was something I wanted.

The best thing with my latest computer is that it is very silent compared to my old computer. But I do miss that I didn't got a BluRay reader... :S