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My first computer was a Commodore Amiga 500.

Playing games since 1990.

Games I can recall playing a lot: Diablo 1&2, Chessmaster(4000Turbo-8000-9000), Age of Empires 2 Conquerors, Shogun&Rome Total War, Morpheus, Baldur's Gate 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 2&3 Armaggedon's Blade,
Turrican 1&2&3, Starcraft, Unreal, Seadogs, Icewind Dale 2, Galactic Civilizations 2, Master of Orion 1, The Movies, UFO Enemy Unknown, Pirates, Golden Axe, Theme Park, Settlers, Steel Empire, Space Crusade, Sim City 3000, Shadow of the Beast 1&2&3, Mortal Kombat 1&2&3, Megalomania, Lotus 1&2, Great Courts 2, Disposable Hero, Wolfchild, Styx, Age of Wonders 2, Day of the Tentacle, Larry 6, Quest for Glory 4, Civilization 1&3, Dune, Jetpack, Final Fantasy VIII, Imperialism 2, Might and Magic VI, Need for Speed 1, Chaos Engine

note that above games were or still playing from different machines (Amiga 500, 386/40Hz, PIII-450Hz, Pentium4-3GHz)

I also have created (2) two games. Not anything really great but u may like to try it, u can download using below url:

My current computer system is a Pentium 4 3.0MHz, 1GB RAM, 7900GT vga card 256MB.

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