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Mafia 2 - preview
posted on 12/13/2008 13:43

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Winter 1946, Vito Scaletta is getting off a train at a station in Empire City and is looking around him. Many years have passed since the last time he walked around local workers a fought in gunshots in the docks. That is the reason why they took him to custody. He was a criminal. The judge was merciful and gave hima choice, go to prison, or war. He decided to go to Europe where Hitler was making a lot of mess. Now he could finally return. Someone was already waiting him at the station. His old partner Joe. They knew each other from their childhood, they were doing a lot of mischiefs. They kept doing that for a long time, only thing that changed was the mischefs, breaking the windows, disobeing teachers and other stuff. They both had the same dream- to get up. Joe is now a few steps upper. At least he has a car. While Vito is getting into the car a thought came trough his mind. He is going to give the mafia another chance.

Mafia 2 is more then just a continuation. In fact its not a continuation. There will be no son neither daughder, or some have speculated brother of Tommy Angel. The city has also changed: Empire city is a fictitious city, it looks like New York but the atmosphere also feels like San Francisco. The time has also changed, the story will continue in 40s Ė 50s of the last century. Yes, the game will spread into many years so the scenewriters were able to write an epic story, not only few days from the life of Vito and thats it. The characters were completely replaced. The main character is italo-american Vito, the character you will play for and his partner Joe. But! The changes were necessary but it will still be the same Mafia we all know and like. And that is good.

Letís look at the Empire City around the 40s. The Second World War has ended and the people are frustrated and tired, the economy is slowly coming back to normal, the veterans are hardly trying to became a part of the community again. The city is full of immigrants. The Iroquis, Chinesse, Italians- even the smallest minorities have their own districts, their own rules that are not always the same as the american laws. A faction has settled in an Italian district, they came form Sicily: The Mafia. They steel, they kill, they trade- but they stick together, they are confident and no one can shake them, no one can stand against them. Those who are with them are wearing are elegant and have nice cars. For a young person like Vito or Joe is a life of a mafia member dream come true, and a chance to have a better life. And the rise of these two will be the main event of this game. Their rise wonít be ideal or easy. The first mafia was like a tribute to the gangster films, where the criminals were represented with some strange mythical aura, while mafia 2 will be with more realistic people with visible weaknesses.

The story is separated to 2 big parts. The first one is about Vitoís and Joeís path into the heart of the mafia with smaller tasks. He is very successful, he makes lot of money. Finally when he was working with Henry Thomasin he really got into Cosa Nostra, there he starts from the lowest rank but soon enough he biulds up his reputation and gets more difficult tasks. Unfortunately a huge war between three Mafia families is rising. The families are: Falcony, Clementy and Vinci. When the time is right, Vito and Joe will have to make a decision, and decide witch of the families are they going to help. And its not going to be an easy decision. Mafia 2 is going to be a drama, it will talk about actions of sympathic gangsters, but they can not be proud about them.

For start, the game will be about gaining respect among the other gangsters. You can achieve that by completing story missions one by one, but that would be a total waste of all the new aspects of the game that the creators are going to apply trough out the Empire City. This will make the game similar to GTA 4 and will also add other missions that do not affect the main story. These will also help you gain more respect. You will use the money you made by completing quests(or missions, whatever) to buy new weapons, clothes, food and of course cars. Itís not going to be something you have to do, itís just something that belongs in the game(i am not really sure about this sentence i fit does not sound good to you tell me and i will remove it). For example, you can lose the cops by changing your clothes. You restore your health by eating and drinking, these are just the few of the logical aspects of the game, and I myself sure find them interesting. You ask, why to buy a car if you can steal it? The trick is in the fact that not all the cars are cruising around the streets, you can acquire some really fast cars on carshows. You can also hire a parking lot so nobody will steal the car from you! Of course that will cost you some money.

Mafia 2 is still not going to be so ďopenĒ like GTA 4. The story will start rolling only during the main story missions. For example: Vito and Joe are accompanying Henry Thomasino to the illegal spirit foundry( the place where they make alcoholic drinks, I think this expressions fits but if know a better one let me know), the owner and the mafia had an argument. The mission should have been a routine but it will change in to a slaughter. They were detected to soon and the gunshots have set the spirits on fire. Our trio was hiding behind some boxes and trying to sprint from table to table so they can take out their enemies. Finally they have found the owner of the factory and Henry nocked him down and is putting a gun into his mouth. They have heard a shot and Henry falls to the ground, the owner had a gun in his pocket and he certainly used it. Joe has put some bullets into the owner to make sure he will do no more harm. Henry is still alive and he needs to be taken to the hospital. His partners carry him to the car and are swiftly driving him to the hospital. The entire game is based on similar dramatic missions like this one.

The car park is also in oldies trend. Even thou the lines are more similar to modern cars not the oldest veterans. None of the cars from the first game is going to be in the second one. More then 50 cars have been completely redesigned. They are looking like the real models their names are fictitious, like Frigate or Jefferson. Of course they will be some heavy caliber trucks: buses, army trucks, pick-ups and funeral cars. The radio stations are transmitting music that fits the time period, like rock-n-roll. Vito is not afraid of steeling and now he does not have to learn how to steel every single car. But itís not going to be that easy. You will have pass something like a minigame to open the car. The difficulty of the game will depend from the car cost.

The graphics have are a lot better than in the first game, and as you can see in the pictures, they are also better than the entire GTA 4. You can feel the atmosphere of the game and that is why we are really looking forward for this one. The game will absorb you and you will feel like are really in the game. That is big plus compare to GTA 4. I sure hope the creators will not do something stupid at the end that will render the game with lots of bugs and other things. The game will be on PC and also on Xbox360 and PS 3, it is possible that it will be available on the consoles sooner(because of the apprehension of pirate copies).

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