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Hey peeps! Im a big fan of sci-fi, comics (espically the old Justice League ones XD) and all things gaming. So drop me a line somtime =)

The Coyote

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hey all
posted on 06/13/2007 17:54

First of all a big ol apology to all those who have tried to contact me over the past couple of months but i have been offline completly due to a HUGE mix up with my ISP but im back now so woo


During my absence though I've had a lot of time to play and complete many times C&C3 which I have to say is not getting boring anytime soon, and who knows I mite see some of you on the Battlefield!

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posted on 01/16/2007 18:01

It's here!!!

It finally arrived last Friday so no guesses as to what ive been up to XD

Firstly its amazing! And Twilight Princess! What a game! Wolfy Link, gotta love him :)

Ne way id like to know if any of you have one too and if u had any problems getting it online (via wi-fi) as I just dont understand why it wont connect to the net :S It connects to the PC just fine but wont access the net... And my secruity isnt the problem and nintendo havnt given any useful advice but their pretty bust at the moment...

Any ideas???

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posted on 12/08/2006 04:18

I was wondering if someone could suggest a good teamsepeak server to use as im (probably) one of the few that plays games like Battlefront without using teamspeak?

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Justice League Heroes
posted on 11/24/2006 09:39

Well thats Justice League Heroes bought played and Completed in 6 hours...
So Great game! better than Xmen Legends and Marvel Heroes but one guess at its major fault......

Yup, WAY too short

Now what do i do???

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Im Back... Again
posted on 11/22/2006 19:34

Hey people, I'm back from hoilday... Again.

Been down south to my ex-flatmates wedding. Was most excellent ^_^

And so i shall get back to making reviews, dissing World of Warcraft and trying to convince you to try City of villains

(Proof its the best, URL below)

OH! And Justice League Heroes out friday xD Cant wait for that, wey!

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I'm Back
posted on 10/20/2006 03:53

Just got back from holiday the other day so you're gonna be seeing more of me again =).

Oh and i've just begun a 14 day Free trial on World of Warcraft to back up my Digital World theory last month... So far not impressed.

I'll keep ya posted

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The Digital World
posted on 09/19/2006 22:28

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I was inspired to write this by beno420's bolg: World of Warcraft the digital drug.

As an active player of MMORPG's such as Guild wars and the City of games, I know exactly how engrossing these virtual worlds become, but yet is that not the exact point of the game? A place for people to escape from the real world? To live out a fantasy? To become somone or somthing else?
The answer... Yes, because that is exactly what these games are designed to do...
But then this leads to another question... What is reality??
The most basic answer for this is:

"Reality in everyday usage means "everything that exists". The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether it is observable, comprehensible, or self-contradictory by science, philosophy, or any other system of analysis. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being".

The fact is that to some people these "virtual worlds" can sometimes become more real to them than the world outside. That the bonds they form with their characters, the people they play with and all the other things that exist in those universes become so intense that they become oblivious to the world around them. Which in turn (as Beno420 described) causes them to loose jobs, girlfriends, friends etc unable to emerge from the land of witches and warlocks.

This isn't the only cause of MMO addiction, not by a long shot Hell it might not even be a factor, this is just one person's opinion and im definatly not saying these games are bad,I mean I spend my fair share of time pretending to be a superhero/villain, and it's provided me with hours of entertainment.

Don't let it take control of who you are, unless of course you want it to...

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Thank you Si
posted on 09/19/2006 10:25

Thank you Strategy informer for having a great site. This is one of the very few enjoyable community sites out there!!

Also thank you for the Lord Recluse Statue!! =) Verry chuffed with that xD

We love you Si!!

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posted on 09/05/2006 15:15

So very tired............. --

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BF 2142
posted on 09/04/2006 20:28

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Wow Battlefield 2142 looks frickin amazin!!! Cant wait!

Only 45 days peeps!

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