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I'm playng videogames since 1983, so listen to me: GRAPHIC IS IRRELEVANT! GOOD GAMES DON'T NEED IT!

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Graphic is irrelevant! Good games don't need it!
posted on 06/07/2010 07:19

Yes, I'm an old dude. Born in the '70, raised with the coin-op in the '80, I went trough the Mattel Inettellivision (what a console!), C64, Amiga and, finally, the PC. I like strategic, simulators, RPG and FPS games and played to most of them.
In the last years, I saw that the quality of games decreased while their graphic soared. Talking to my young, inexperienced, 15 years old cousin (and many more persons older) I found that graphic is the most sought aspect of a game for them.
I am seen like an alien while I play Defcon or even Operation Flashpoint (do not touch that great game!). Last week I installed DOSbox and found myself playing Master Of Magic (a sequel to this game will be a great one!) a whole afternoon, am I insane? Obviously I appreciate the realistic graphic of Silent Hunter 5 (incredible water effects!), but I changed it with to "old" SH3, a far better simulation.
And we are here, with game programmers sacrificing the game itself to graphic. Since they are not able program a stable, bug-free graphic engine that runs the game smoothly on most PCs, they reduce the game's maps, features, enemy numbers, players options, sounds and musics to fit 2 couple of DVDs with a graphic stunning garbage.
Unfortunatly they do this because we, old gamers, are not many. How many teenagers do ever consider a game in wich you cannot even see the veins in the enemy eyes before you make an headshot (from 50m with a sniper rifle!)?

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