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Hi all.
Just added the pics of my pc. Not bad but not great either.

Currently playing: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Death of a CLAN
posted on 08/25/2011 11:48

I write this so that the memory of my ex-clan can live on.

The clan 33r in the DOTA community was on a perfect road to success but somewhere along the line the clan just disbanded.

This was a great clan to be part of and the potabilities were endless. We had a strong clan leader and the perfect balance of players.

The worst part is that I, myself is also to blame for the failure of the clan. I have always prided myself on the fact that I played support on the matches for one of the stronger players. as my role wasn't important but still crucial.

The clan had a slow death as most of the players just fell out without ever even saying.

The worst thing that could happen to a clan is if the members starts to lose interest in the clan. It is like a cancer eating away and killing the clan from the inside.

That is what happened to our clan. Dissolved into the abyss of what is called nothingness.

To the members of my ex-Clan:
Please forgive me for my failures.
I know that I let you down.

Yours faithfully

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Hallo again!
posted on 09/04/2009 04:36

Long time no blog....

Wel, I'm going to my first official LAN from the 27-28 Nov. I'm excited as can be we have a team of 8-10 Players so I hope we can get enough practice til then.
The gaming list is as follows:
Red Alert 3
Warcraft3 The Frozen Throne (DotA)

My only hope is that we ca acctually win 1 of the events.

The lan is in Aggenys, Northen Cape, South Africa.

Hope it will go well..

Cheers! :P

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No LAN for Starcraft 2
posted on 07/07/2009 09:29

I hear rumors about no Lan in Starcraft 2!!!?!?

Have Blizzard gone mental or something?!? I mean the first Starcraft Rocked and it had a and Lan function.... Why cant SC 2 be the same..?

This is the worst thing i have heard since Starcraft: Ghost was scraped...

I hope and pray that in the final release the LAN and Functions will still be there BOTH!!!!

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Computers and Prices
posted on 03/13/2009 00:39

I recently had a problem with my PC, I can run Windows XP Pro with no problem paint, listen to music and even use Word, Excel and Power Point but as soon as I run any game requiring a bit of graphics my computer would just freeze up on me and that is rather irritating.

So naturally I thought it could be my Radeon HD 2600 Sapphire card that was giving me the grief, so I bought a brand new Radeon HD 3850 Sapphire card but that did not solve my problem, so now I bought a new Motherboard and CPU (I’ll list all my parts later..). The worst part is that my suppliers cant get me the equipment I need.

I had…
AMD 4600+ AM2+ CPU
MSI K9A2 Platinum (Not that I am a fan of MSI)
Radeon HD 2600 Sapphire
2Gb RAM (No name brand)
And a 600w power supply

I asked for one of the following MOBOs…
M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP ASUS
K9A2 Platinum MSI (My old board)
GA-MA790FX-DQ6 Gigabyte
GA-MA790FX-DS5 Gigabyte
PC-AM2RD790 Sapphire

There reply was that they cant supply me with one of those cause they only supply Intel.

So I ordered a…
Intel® Desktop Board D5400XS
Intel® Core™2 Extreme processors
Radeon HD 3850 Sapphire

All that cost me about R5600.00 (that is about $563.25 USD).
So what do you think about the price (good, bad or ugly).

(I’ll post a pic of my rig later this month)

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What I Want !!!
posted on 03/04/2009 00:01

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My dad told me to get a job that after 2 years I still want to get-up and do it in the mornings.
Well the Ideal job would be Gaming but being close to pc is enough for me so now i work as a PC Technician in Springbok, South Africa.

I normaly start at 8:00am but I'm here at 7:30am already, I can't wait for the day to start.

This is a work I won't give up for anything, exept for a better pay doing the same work.

The bottom line is:
Get a JOB you like, otherwise 1 year from now you will get up and think to yourself "Do I really have to get up for this job?".

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The Best Of Gamers.
posted on 01/08/2009 06:58

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You know the best thing about being a gamer is the thrill you get from doing something nobody ever did. The best thing is you can even get the thrill from beating minesweeper in 5 seconds (only seen it once, personal record is 7sec).
My point is that you can get that feeling from any game. That is (what I think) makes a great gamer.

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The Festive Session
posted on 12/17/2008 01:43

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The festive session is almost upon us.
A happy holiday to you all.

I think I’m going to spoil myself this year a get me an Xbox 360. I always wanted one but the opportunity only presented itself now (Bad luck and not a lot of funding).
The reason for my decision is that I really need to play Fable 2, I was one of the biggest fans of Fable 1: The Lost Chapters and I followed Fable 2’s progress from its infant days. The game has improved a lot according to the people I know that played it (They live overseas, so I can’t borrow it). I can only hope its better than fable 1.

I love this time of year xD

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A Gamers Dream
posted on 12/11/2008 03:25

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The thing that I would like the most if they built an RPG based game (killing and questing for exp). Yea there is a lot of them but hear me out…

Here is a list of what is needed:
Unlimited Levels – I get really irritated with this level cap thing
A Huge World Map – They can update the map or maps as they would patch the game constantly adding more
Monsters and Bosses – The Creeps should be leveled according to your level to keep the game interesting
Items and Other – the same as the maps keep updating it
Multiplayer – Yes, yes and yes but you should be able to play it on your own (and no not MMO stile maybe if you can export your character but then people will cheat and kind of defeat the point of building a character)

This is just some of the thins I would love to see in a game if you have any extra ideas please feel free to post them here

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FALLOUT 3 and what I think
posted on 12/11/2008 01:19

Fallout 3 was OK. But the thing that bugged me the most was that the storyline was so bloody short and not like Oblivion were you finish the game you can continue playing for eternity. And the other thing is that you only have a Level cap of 20 or something… :P That sucks in my opinion but the overall game play was ok and I’ll still replay it many times because of the fact that you can discover a lot of random interesting things…

But overall I’ll give it 5/10 (+2 if Level cap was higher and +2 if you could keep playing after the end of the game)

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