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Hello and Welcome to My humble Public page, Hope you like it here. Please check some of The camps bellow, and if you like them, please Join, the more the merrier! Please also read my Blog, and if you like, fell free to comment, or give any suggestions about any game's you also like.

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Good Summer To Everyone :)
posted on 06/19/2011 01:24

Just making a last stop here at SI before I go away, to wish you guys a good summer, good vacations if you have and good gaming times :)

I'm going on Archaeology excavations until September so I won't be seeing SI for a long time..
So, again, a very good summer to you all. :)

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posted on 05/11/2011 23:17

I've been reading, viewing, gasping and utterly wanting brink over the past days now.. But.. I'm still in doubt whether or not the pre-purchase(On steam btw) would be good at all.
Sure, it has some bonuses, but maybe the game isn't that good and then in a moth price lowers, or, it might prove to be really good and then I'll purchase it and I won't get the goodies of the pre-purchase!

Oh boy oh boy..

What's your opinion guys? Taking past experiences into view..

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Battlefield 2142
posted on 02/03/2011 20:57

So, after a long time, I finally got the bug of BF2142. Since I don't have any new ones, I'm kindah stuck with this one :P (perhaps a competitions with EA? eh eh)

Anyway, In case you still play or want to play in the mean time, my nickname is Devel and you'll pretty much find me on Moving titan server.

See you guys around and happy gaming :D

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Games And Music
posted on 12/17/2010 01:32

So I was in 30 secs to mars concert, when all of a suddenly a question popped up on my head, Does everyone listen to music while they play video games? If yes, what type and on what game?

This might be a little odd, but there are indeed players that find music soothing and sometimes helps them concentrate on little details, but I also know that for others it's the complete opposite, as they miss every detail and fail most of the actions.

I only have myself with two examples, whereas I constantly listen to music while I play World of Warcraft, I mean, It has an amazing OST, but lets face it, it gets old after awhile, so It's normal being in a raid and listening to whatever pops up on my list.
The other one is Battlefield 2142, but unlike WoW where I can listen to everything that comes, here I prefer the calm type, sometimes Epic OSTS or just the casual Classic sonata. I found myself sometimes listening to Fado ahaah (which is a Portuguese music genre in case you are not familiar with it).

So my curiosity makes me ask you a question, do you listen to music while you play games? Yes? No? Sometimes?

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Isle of Conquest PINK WALL OF DOOM!!
posted on 12/14/2010 00:15

I'd like to share something with everyone here, something that may be a little awkward when it comes to Blizzard, but still, it's there, and Big..
I've uploaded onto my galleries (the images are weirdly cropped, but still comprehensible(why are the images cropped?)), two images of what might be the longest unfixed bug in battleground in World of Warcraft. I speak of course... Of the BIG PINK WALL OF DOOM!!

I was doing my 2º all time ever Isle of conquest when the alliance rushed over to the Horde gate, attempting to destroy it with sieges and demolishers, and when they did destroy it.. instead of it falling down, we get that. Yes. A big Square of Pink. Watch it from another angle.

Weird, don't you think? Why hasn't Blizzard fixed this already? I've seen comments that it's been happening for at least 3 months now, which is odd from the dev team. Worst of all is that when this happens, horde can't get through it and only the alliance can peer itself in there..

What's your intake on this guys?

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posted on 10/25/2010 00:06

I Was Wondering whether you guys around here still think WoW has something to deliver. Will Cataclysm be has Huge as the previous releases? What do you think?

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Til 69th Day (Been Out for a While)
posted on 11/27/2006 10:36

How you all doing? I've been out for 2 weeks now. Got away from my Computer and PS2 because i need to concentrate con my school. I'll try to come everyday, but not that often. I read the Happy feet Review GameGuyPete, hope to see more reviews and all. Thats it for Now. Wait one more thing. Anyone who played Kingdom hearts II on Proud mode, Can you tell me when you get Fira/Blizara/Thundara? Thanks in advance.

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51st and 52nd Day (Egypt and VideoGames)
posted on 11/15/2006 13:30

These past 2 dyas, i had to make an assigment for my school, and it was about egypt. Whyle doing it, i got myself thinking, would the game Industry be different if Egypt hadn't existed. For example, the newest of Raid dungeons in World of warcraft, (dont remember the name though, but it has anubis in it,

And imagine one of the biggest marks in history, the Gize pyramids, games shure would be a lot different, and movies too, like Alien vs Predator, which is located on an underground pyramid. This is quite an interesting topic. Share your thoughts.

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49th and 50th Day (Online Communities)
posted on 11/13/2006 13:01

One thing i notice, is that wherever the Communities are located (forums, sites, blogs) if its a small one, people all get along and like each other, without arguing. Once its goes bigger and bigger, and one person leads to Aguing, all hell brokes loose and drastic measures happen. Why am i saying this? Because for example Battlefield 2142, i know its a FPS and all people are gaming and all. But if you think of it, they work like a bad community, not talking to each other and fighting. These are the bad servers. Now, there are those, where you can team up with any soldier and you can fight side by side with them relying on them as well. I know this is awkward, but its just the way things are. With a little calm and pacience, everything can work out. Like S.I. for example. Its a good large Community where everyone gets along. See you arround.

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47th and 48th Day (Battlefield 2142)
posted on 11/10/2006 16:48

Yeayyy! Finnaly got BF 2142, not that cheap but its understandable. Any one else has it and wants to team up tomorrow?

If you want you can add me to your buddy list, the Nick's the same, Devel.
See you on the Battlefield Soldier!

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