Good Summer To Everyone :)
Posted: 06/19/2011 01:24 by develComments: 2
Just making a last stop here at SI before I go away, to wish you guys a good summer, good vacations if you have and good gaming times :)

I'm going on Archaeology excavations until September so I won't be seeing SI for a long time..
So, again, a very good summer to you all. :)

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on 06/20/2011 23:41
Have a good old time digging, devel. Love Archaeology myself, so a tad envious. It's Winter here, with nights of 4 degrees (Celcius) further envy.
By zroy (SI Core Veteran) on 06/25/2011 21:21
xD Hero, have a nice time Devel with you excavations... And come back soon like I did =D...