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Posted on 10/20/2006 04:33
Space Rangers 2:...

Space Rangers 2: Dominators(PC): Huehehehehe!! be yourself!!!

well, all i can say about this game is it's ASTONISHING!!!!
you can be either the good guy or the bad guy..!
you can kick pirates' arse or sack civilian crafts!!
the gameplay is really wonderful, eventhough its graphics aren't great.

well,i've reached... Read More
9.4 perfect
Posted on 10/14/2006 02:23
Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes(PC): C.O.O.L

Great WW II strategy game!!
it has a great graphics and deep tactical gameplay.
play it soldier!!!
9.6 perfect
Posted on 10/14/2006 02:17
Warhammer 40,000:...

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War(PC): mark my word!!

this game is GREAT!!!
it has a good graphics and special effects. i played the original dawn of war from its first release until PLAY IT!! you will stand and fight!!
8.7 superb