Rumour: Singularity's Raven Software working on James Bond
Posted: 07.12.2010 11:53 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
What with MGM's bankruptcy plan being stamped with approval it seems Activision and Raven Software's James Bond scheming is back on after all.

They had a stealth-based 007 in mind but it stalled. Rumour also has Raven making an X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel, but that's still frozen in time.

While Raven was wrapping up Singularity - their time altering Commie shooter - another team at the studio was beginning work on a stealth orientated James Bond game. However it was put on hold but is allegedly firing up again.

Activision's most recent 007 title was Bloodstone and that wasn't received all that well. The question is will Raven get the chance to complete their spy antics this time? A sequel to Raven's Wolverine was also being made but is still not going anywhere.
Source: Joystiq