Sony still not turning a profit on PSN
Posted: 25.12.2010 21:00 by Comments: 5
Sony’s Kaz Hirai recently spoke to Reuters Japan, where he slipped a bit of news that the PlayStation Network is still not turning a profit.

Part of the issue is that PSN is free, and dependent on user content purchases, while Microsoft charges for server use for anyone who wants to play online; Marketplace content is available to anyone.

Sony recently added “PSN Plus” which charges $70 a year, but so far, there’s been little incentive to subscribe. Recently, Sony offered M.A.G. free for PSN Plus users, with the restriction that players could only get their characters to level 8 without purchasing the game. (Fortunately, all experience points earned while at level 8 would be added on purchase.)

Hirai said that sales on PSN topped 36 billion Yen this year, which translates to $430 million. In three years, Hirai expects PSN revenue to top 300 billion Yen.
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By hellweed (SI Core Member) on Dec 26, 2010
Its not bad to not make profit if you have money from other things like game licenses or hardware. If they earn for subscription they can loose somewhere else.
By RaviL (SI Core Member) on Dec 26, 2010
Ohh that's gotta hurt Sony, they should really improve PSN in Europe if they wana get some money from it.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 26, 2010
My son has a PS3 and, with the games he has sees no reason to plough money into such things as "PSN Plus". I'll bet there are plenty of gamers in the 18-25 range who feel the same way.
By devel (SI Elite) on Dec 27, 2010
They say no one seems to get PSN Plus? Everyone I see online has it! I must one of the few apparently..
By K3Spice (SI Core) on Dec 27, 2010
I still don't think many people are going to be willing to pay for it.