Earthrise gets February 4 release date
Posted: 30.12.2010 00:00 by Comments: 3
A release date for the futuristic MMO Earthrise has been revealed - it will be launching on February 4, 2011.

While the game had been announced way back on January 2008, not much information or news had been reported since. What is known is that the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, far flung future and will feature sandbox gameplay, PvP support, elaborate crafting, and, most bizarrely, will reside on a single server.

The game will only be available for online download in North America from the official site, but will be in stores in Europe, distributed by Iceberg Interactive.

The minimum system specs are as follows:

  • OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7

  • Free hard drive space: 20 GB

  • CPU: 2.4+ GHz Single Core Processor

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Video Card: NVIDIA 7800GT+ or ATI Radeon 9800 SE 256-bit

  • High bandwidth internet connection (DSL, Cable)

    Source: Big Download
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    By djole381 (SI Elite) on Dec 30, 2010
    Wow, 20 GB!!! That's a lot of gigs to download.
    By Kres (SI Elite) on Dec 30, 2010
    First time I heard about Earthrise. Nice.
    By Odynee (SI Veteran Member) on Dec 30, 2010
    I dont like futuristic games... but this one seems to be great