Telltale's Jurassic has 'Heavy Rain'
Posted: 10.01.2011 12:25 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
The upcoming Jurassic Park Adventures from Telltale Games is 'inspired' by Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain for character development and sporadic action.

Universal didn't want 'another shooter' for Jurassic and Telltale are keeping it 'slow-paced', but it will likely feature "tense portions" with quick-time events.

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine revealed that Telltale were happy with how Heavy Rain let characters develop before the player, and how it used QTE's to inject some moments of adrenaline. Its decision system will likely go Jurassic too.

"...Universal didn't want another first-person shooter in the franchise," writes The Escapist on the Game Informer article. Telltale Games are "going above and beyond to develop something new for Jurassic Park: Episode 1."

Jurassic Park will take place during the first film as well as play out as a sequel. Telltale feel it’s crucial to give us time to come to know the characters as well as be plunged into some seriously dangerous moments involving the set loose dinos.

There's no release date yet but it's a 5 episode adventure for PC and Mac. We'll be able to know what happened elsewhere on the island and face new threats.
Source: VG247


By Jake_SI (SI Elite) on Jan 10, 2011
Being an avid fan of Jurassic Park, I just hope they can deliver a game worthy of the franchise. :-/