Microsoft expects Xbox360 support to last for 7 years at the least
Posted: 15.05.2008 10:45 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
Shane Kim, Microsoft Game Studios VP, has said they "expect the Xbox 360 to have a long tail," meaning it could see 2013 before feeling neglected.

Sony have predicted a 10 year life-cycle for the PlayStation 3, either way it'll be comforting to know gamers can get more of their monies worth.

"We said from the beginning that we expect the Xbox 360 to have a long tail," Kim told CVG. "Admittedly, we don't have any experience doing this, but we're pretty confident."

Great news for trilogies for Mass Effect and Too Human with the latter expected to finish within 7 years to which Kim "absolutely" believes will be getting full hardware support.

The one problem area for the Xbox360 is the technical limitations that have been floated around the DVD drives, developers may not need more space just yet but its going to be a major point of interest soon.

"You're going to continue to see technical innovation, it might be additional capabilities to the current format - but honestly we haven't made those kind of decicions yet," said Kim.

"I think we will probably see more games release on multiple discs and the challenge is then for the developers to create an experience that doesn't involve a whole bunch of constant disc swapping."

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By JamieSI (SI Core) on May 15, 2008
Great, but I feel the system needs better Arcade games coming out each week, Assault Heros 2 is great but the last few releases have been extremely disapointing. The PlayStation Network is getting some old classic titles, I&#039;d like to see more classic titles coming to the Xbox Arcade.

Microsoft have been working with PC developers for years, can&#039;t we get some of those old classic games back, such as Blood, classic point and click games and old school RTS like Dune 2, C&amp;C etc. Please :p