Operation Flashpoint is "thinking man's" FPS, ArmA 'no threat'
Posted: 26.01.2011 13:42 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Codemasters' Adam Parsons is in 'complete disagreement' that Bohemia's ArmA series is a thorn in their side; they're no "direct competition whatsoever".

He says in our interview that a "small portion" still compare the two, but Codemasters are "offering something unique" with OpFlash. Not a "mil-sim in any way."

We asked what 'key points differentiate' Operation Flashpoint from their main competition ArmA from Bohemia. However Codemasters don't consider the two franchises in the same genre or league as each other. ArmA 'caters to a PC niche'.

"I completely disagree, Iím afraid," began Adam Parsons.

"We have never considered them as direct competition whatsoever, they are much more simulation focussed, hardcore and PC only."

"A small portion of the PC community continues to compare us, but in all fairness I think they are well served by that franchise. They want a hardcore, realistic military simulator, which isnít what weíre offering, and donít believe many consumers want."

Parsons goes on to explain how the two are so very different. "Weíre interested in offering something unique Ė something that is much more authentic than other FPS titles, and provides a tactical challenge as well as testing your FPS skills," he said.

"We see ourselves much more as 'the thinking manís First Person Shooter', and donít regard ourselves as a mil-sim in any way."

"We want people to have fun in the context of authenticity, not to have fun constrained by it, resulting in a sterile experience shackled by scientific exactness."

"In todayís games industry, youíve got to keep innovating and striving to improve. The Flashpoint series is over a decade old, and gaming has moved on in that time."

"We feel weíve brought the franchise bang up to date and what we have produced is a more accessible, authentic, tactical squad-based experience that is great fun in co-op or single player," added Parsons. Our full interview publishes soon - stay tuned.

Do you see OpFlash and ArmA as competitors, videogamer? Operation Flashpoint: Red River releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Q2 2011.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 26, 2011
"We have never considered them as direct competition whatsoever, they are much more simulation focussed, hardcore and PC only." False in the first, and worrying in the second.
CM have always seen "ArmA" as direct competition (otherwise they'd drop "OF" from the title), and have done so from the very start. mentiuoning the words "hardcore" and "PC-only" don't reassure me, as with this being multiplatform I worry at what the trade-offs will be.