Visceral pledge "key binding fix" for Dead Space 2 after petition
Posted: 08.02.2011 12:00 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
After disabled gamer Gareth's plea for custom key mapping in Dead Space 2 went viral, spawning a petition signed by thousands, EA has promised to help.

In fact developer Visceral Games has jumped right on it and are putting together a PC patch right now. The team are "working hard" on this says Steve Papoutsis.

Posting on, Gareth revealed he's a disabled videogamer who has to key map PC controls to his mouse as he can only use his chin to play. His plea for help figuring out how to overcome the lack of key mapping on Dead Space 2 ignited attention.

A petition soon rose up with thousands putting their digital name on it. EA and Visceral Games soon became aware of Gareth's plight and responded.

"Hi Gareth," posted Visceral. "I'm a developer from Visceral Games Australia, the studio responsible for the PC port of Dead Space 2. Sorry to hear about your issue - I've spoken with a few key people here and we'll do our best to include a fix for it in the next patch."

This was no empty promise either as executive producer Steve Papoutsis from Visceral Games made it clear his studio was committed.

"The Dead Space 2 team is aware of the issue that disabled players are having with Dead Space 2 PC. In fact a number of folks on our team are so passionate about getting this fix done that they are currently working hard to allow players to re-map key bindings to the mouse which should help disabled players enjoy the game," he said.

"I'd like to say I'm very proud of the people on the Dead Space 2 team for coming in today and jumping on the fix first thing. Working with such a talented and compassionate group of people is incredible and makes me proud to be a part of the Dead Space 2 team, Visceral Games, and Electronic Arts."

"In addition to the key binding fix the patch will include other fixes for PC players. Thank you for taking up the cause for our disabled players and letting us know about this problem. Once the patch is fully tested we will announce a release date," added Papoutsis.

An online petition gets the promise of a happy ending, a rare thing. Hopefully once Visceral Games is done with the fix Gareth can finally get his 25 worth of Dead Space 2.
Source: Joystiq
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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Feb 08, 2011
Good that you listened - but WTF? does it take poor diasabled gamers to get a little love for the PC players these days? Keybindings SHOULD ALWAYS be editable!
1. PC gamers have their own setups they love and prefer and have a complete keyboard to map...
2. Yes, there are disabled gamers - don't you forget them the next time - and this concerns all the AH's that don't have editable keys in their games!
By neilmike (SI Core) on Feb 08, 2011
well how nice but what's about the sp2 DLC packs for the pc platform and why the hell don't they even try and release dlc for pc..