Clint Mansell scoring Mass Effect 3
Posted: 10.02.2011 09:02 by Comments: 3
Film composer and former Pop Will Eat Itself frontman Clint Mansell, best known for his work on Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Moon and this past year's Black Swan, will be scoring Mass Effect 3. The information was outed by Mansell during an interview on scoring music. When asked if he'd work for other outlets like computer games, Mansell responded by saying: "I'm doing a video game this year actually. Mass Effect 3".

"As I was saying about Public Enemy and re-working old hip-hop tunes for Requiem, and kind of re-working old ballet tunes for Black Swan, with something like Mass Effect you're more like a DJ, with all these elements," said Mansell. "You've got the holding pattern, then the big explosion where you need the score to kick in. Then you need to take it off on a tangent. You've got all these different elements that change depending on what the player does. You have to figure out an overall symphony, but be able to break it down into component parts. You can bring the pain when required".

Jack Wall scored the previous two Mass Effect titles, and it is unknown whether the composer and orchestra conductor is still involved with Mass Effect 3. We'd guess so, since Wall would be overseeing Mansell's work and making sure it fits with the established music. No confirmation on this, however.

Here is a sampler of his work from the film Moon.

Source: IGN
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By Jake_SI (SI Elite) on Feb 10, 2011
Bit strange that Jack Wall wont be scoring the final game of the trilogy, hopefully Clint Mansell can match the overall tone of the existing music. He's done some fairly nice work in the past for sure, but he just needs to make sure it doesn't feel too far-removed from the previous soundtracks.
By Kiam99 (SI Veteran Member) on Feb 10, 2011
I agree...I hope Jack Wall still got at touch with the game since he have done a great job with the first and second game. Going to be interesting
By K3Spice (SI Core) on Feb 11, 2011
As long as it is high quality....