Peter Molyneux getting BAFTA fellowship
Posted: 21.02.2011 18:16 by Comments: 3
Videogame legend Peter Molyneux, who led both Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios to prominence, will be honored at this year's BAFTA videogame awards with a special Fellowship recognition, a lifetime award given to Will Wright in 2009 and Shigeru Miyamoto in 2010.

Molyneux has reacted to the news with this remembrance, “I remember back in 1967 watching the first BAFTA awards on television with my family and seeing them being so excited about those accolades. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would be possible for me to accept one of the greatest honours the entertainment industry has to offer. My first thought on learning that I was awarded an Academy Fellowship was that to be in the company of some of the greatest talents the entertainment industry has ever seen is truly humbling and secondly that this an award not just for myself, but for all the people I’ve ever worked with”.

The award will also be given to members of both Lionhead and Bullfrog, which produced such classic titles as Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, the Fable series, and Black & White.

The BAFTAs will be held in London on March 16.
Source: TVGB


By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Feb 21, 2011
Good for you dude, good for you.
Dungeon Keeper Rulezzz.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Feb 21, 2011
Well, they gave one to a Yank, then a Japanese. They had to give one to a Brit at some point.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 21, 2011
Much as I don't much like the guy, I respect his accomplishments and feel this is long overdue (for the ground breaking and controversial "Syndicate" at least). At least BAFTA are well respected as awarding those who actually earn their place, as opposed to say the Academy Awards where money paves the way to an award.