EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious released
Posted: 22.02.2011 20:14 by Comments: 0
Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the latest expansion for the long-running EverQuest II series is now in stores. EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious follows the events of Sentinel's Fate, taking place in the legendary continent of Velious.

The expansion will finally allow players to have flying mounts, in addition to the new regions, beasts and storylines.

"Content is what drives the MMO market and keeps players engaged and active in the game, and this expansion delivers content for players of all types with fresh storylines, new zones for exploring, new gear to wear, flying mounts for unrivaled mobility, and multiple gameplay enhancement features," said David Georgeson, Producer, EverQuest II. "As a team we strive to keep EQII at the top of its game with each expansion, making sure that it remains the deepest, most enchanting, and most immersive persistent universe on the market."

The expansion also has a Collector's Edition, which includes the following perks: four Velious Portal Paintings, Loyal Snow Hound Pet, Tserrina's Wedding Present House Item, Cryomantic Armor Crate, Everfrost Prestige Summer Home, and a Stormfeather Brood Guardian Flying Mount Appearance.

Check out the launch trailer below: