Alien Breed Trilogy retails March 18th
Posted: 25.02.2011 12:28 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Team 17's Alien Breed Trilogy will be boxed and peddling through retailers for the first time on Xbox 360. Up until now it has been a digital-only property.

It features the "complete collection" of Alien Breed titles released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Evolution, Assault and Descent are all redeveloped episodes.

"With the Alien Breed games developed as AAA titles, and originally only being available to download, we’re very pleased to offer gamers a chance to play the complete boxed trilogy collection for the first time," said Mastertronic's Neil McKenna.

The original Alien Breed was a Commodore Amiga release in 1991, and the first of the redeveloped episodes released in 2009. Alien Breed Trilogy releases exclusively on Xbox 360 March 18th at retail. It includes Evolution, Assault and Descent.