Zero Point Software boss 'sells shares' to fans, help fund title
Posted: 28.02.2011 11:24 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Interstellar Marines is in development at Zero Point Software and co-founder Gert Haar-Jorgensen offers his own shares as reward to supportive fans.

Right now you can buy 'support medals' for $5 each. If you own 20 medals then for every 10 more he will "transfer 10 of my ZPH shares". It's his own promotion.

"My name is Gert, the so-called “rich uncle” and to cut to the chase my crazy idea is to give away shares for Support Medals purchased", said Zero Point co-founder Gert Haar-Jørgensen. The Support Medals can be bought on

"My idea is simple; I will give away 100.000 of my personal shares in ZPH for Support Medals (Total ZPH shares is 1.211.605), which could potentially accumulate to $500.000 in revenue and take this AAA Indie initiative to a whole new level," blogged the boss.

"To anyone who owns more than 20 Support Medals, I will personally transfer 10 of my ZPH shares for every 10 additional Support Medals owned. Hence if you own 30 Support Medals – the first 20 Support Medals “pimp’s” your marine badge and the next 10 Support Medals earns you 10 of my ZPH shares."

This promotion, which is entirely private to Jørgensen and not tied to the company, ends May 31st this year, which is so everyone can get "their ZPH Share Certificates in one go, avoiding spiraling legal costs for me." For more on this check out the blog post.

This is quite a unique offer to videogame fans - letting you own a percentage of the development studio, albeit a miniscule slice. Interstellar Marines is being developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC - the community has pitched in to fund the project.

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