Harmonix: "Staggering creative potential" unexplored in motion
Posted: 01.03.2011 12:41 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Dance Central and Rock Band studio Harmonix is very interested in continuing to explore motion gaming, adding it's "safe to say" more will come from them.

There's a "cauldron of creativity" over at Harmonix boasted CEO Alex Rigopulos, and they've got "a lot of very cool new ideas" in the works beyond established IP.

"There’s a high degree of creative energy here right now about motion gaming,” said Harmonix boss Rigopulos to Edge in an interview.

"Dance Central is a bridge from music gaming into motion gaming, we’ve developed both a competency and preoccupation with the creative potential of motion gaming, and it’s safe to say you’ll see a lot more in that domain from Harmonix beyond Dance Central. … I think there’s staggering creative potential that’s largely unexplored.”

He said similar things to Destructoid: “Right now, the environment here at Harmonix is really a kind of cauldron of creativity. There’s a ton of creative engagement and creative excitement around a number of things.”

"In terms of new creative development and new IP cultivation … we have a lot of very cool new ideas in the works right now, looking out beyond both Rock Band and Dance Central," continued Rigopulos. They aren't leaving the music genre behind.

"We do feel that there’s more to do in that space, and that doing more involves reconception of what music games mean, and what other ways there are to connect people with music — and to connect with other people through music — that haven’t really been explored yet,” explained the boss.

Harmonix remains independent. Have you played Dance Central for Kinect?
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