Ignition Entertaiment and Yuke's sign deal for NEVES in Europe
Posted: 22.01.2008 11:48 by Kres Comments: 0
Ignition Entertainment announced today an agreement with Yuke's which will see the puzzle game NEVES released for the Nintendo DS in Europe for an early 2008.

“NEVES is one of those puzzle games that once you start to play it is difficult to put down,” said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment’s US Operations. “So few new games within the genre hit the mark, but NEVES is the perfect choice for any puzzle fan and will capture the imagination and quickly become a favourite.”

In NEVES the player is presented with 7 shapes that must be fit together to form a pre-determined shape. All 7 pieces, also know as ‘Tans’, must be used, without any overlap. These shapes can range from simple items, like an athlete, to the more challenging. Understanding what the task presented is may be easy; mastering it is a challenge.

NEVES will be distributed by Atari in UK.