DragonSoul announced
Posted: 08.03.2011 17:29 by Comments: 0
One of China's most popular MMOs, publisher Neon GA and developer Giant Interactive have announced that DragonSoul will be hitting Western shores. As is standard with Eastern MMOs, DragonSoul is free-to-play with premium content microtransactions.

One of the more striking aspects of DragonSoul is that it features not two or three factions, but eight for the player to choose from. The game features epic PvP battles, including the chance to face off in the central lowlands in an eight way battle.

If that weren't enough, players in each faction can actually name their faction leader, with regularly scheduled elections. Organised in brotherhoods and families as well as guilds, groups form which strive for the crown together. The inferior fractions can unite as an opposition and fight the ruling alliance together. To make a comparison, imagine Horde and Alliance players in World of Warcraft voting for a leader to command the Horde or Alliance.

DragonSoul is currently running a closed beta test phase. Players can register for free at the official site here. The MMO is due to launch in the second quarter of 2011.
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