Majesty 2 Collection hitting April 19
Posted: 08.04.2011 16:28 by Comments: 2
Paradox Interactive has announced that a Majesty 2 Collection will be arriving on April 19 and will include developer 1C Ino-Co's Majesty 2 and all three of its expansions and DLC for $19.99/19.99.

According to the presser, the bundle will include: Majesty 2 Collection brings together Majesty 2, Kingmaker, Monster Kingdom and Battles of Ardania, along with the Kingmaker game editor enabling players to create their own missions. Also included is every item, quest, unit and building previously only available for purchase using the in-game store. This additional content includes new spells, weapons, units, heroes, buildings, quests and much more!

Paradox has also released an announcement trailer - check it out below.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 08, 2011
Very tempting, but "Magesty 2" hasn't been a real critical nor gamer successful experience. Yet for this price, it just may be worth having a go.
By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Apr 10, 2011
I'm so getting this, I love these bundles.

Still trying to find a bundle for SpellForce I & II.