SEGA "committed to supporting" fans, responds to remake
Posted: 13.04.2011 12:35 by Simon Priest Comments: 7
For 8 years Bombergames has been working on a Streets of Rage remake full of remastered content and all-new challenges. SEGA however was less than pleased.

They asked the community of dedicated fans to pull their work, which was freeware. They did this in order to "protect our intellectual property rights", said the publisher.

The group of fans say they had repeatedly asked SEGA for their official nod of approval to keep going and inferred that the Streets of Rage creator was 'happy' for them to proceed. A little while after their latest version of the remake went public SEGA got a frowny face.

Here is the official response: "SEGA is committed to supporting any fans that take an interest in our games, and where possible we do so by involving them in Beta tests and other development, marketing or research opportunities."

"However we need to protect our intellectual property rights and this may result in us requesting that our fans remove online imagery, videos or games in some instances.”
Streets of Rage debuted on SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive back in 1991.

Check out the Streets of Rage remake blog for more on the project.
Source: VG247
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By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Apr 13, 2011
Thats new .... Developers Actually Listening to their Fans , Thats Unimaginable ......
iv wanted a Battle Realms Remake forever and nobody listened , You Go SEGA !
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Apr 13, 2011
Battle Realms remake would be awesome.
By MindCoil (SI Veteran Member) on Apr 13, 2011
I don't approve because they shut down a fan made game.

They are planning on bringing it back because they can make money off it. Fans have been asking to have a remake of the game, but SEGA didn't really show they cared. Only when a fan makes a remake and SEGA sees the large fan-base that want it, will they make a remake of their own.

If they valued their fans, they wouldn't have pulled it.
By VHugoSama (SI Core) on Apr 13, 2011
Agreed! What can I say capitalism wins again...
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 13, 2011
Sega backing a no-profit game? Never happen.
"Battle Realms 2" FTW! Loved that first game by Liquid Entertainment.
By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Apr 14, 2011
Capitalism 4 T WIN!!!
By Zvezdalina (SI Veteran Member) on Apr 14, 2011
This is stupid! Why would it be illegal to create remakes? Especially for the games that are as old as this one. 20 years has past since the original, and they are upset because someone has bothered to spend their time to show the generation today what games were like back then. :-(