CD Projekt confirms The Witcher II for consoles, 'unveils soon'
Posted: 27.04.2011 12:41 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
According to a report, CD Projekt's Michael Kicinski said on Polish TV that the studio has an "entirely new project" in getting The Witcher II on consoles.

Either E3 or gamescom will feature an announcement, which has long been rumoured. Tomasz Gop said it was "bound to happen" back in February.

Polish game site PS3SitePl reports that Kicinski revealed the news The Witcher II is in fact going to arrive on consoles. He called it an "entirely new project” that would feature at either E3 or gamescom, read the translation.

"I definitely want to make sure that is doable and that it’s bound to happen, and then I will say that you can expect the game,” said producer Tomasz Gop in February this year.

"Until we have anything solid to show or to say, I’d rather keep my mouth shut. But we’re doing everything we can, I can promise that.” The Witcher II releases on PC May 17th.
Source: Blue's News
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By ColinMc (SI Veteran Member) on Apr 27, 2011
Takže!!/??!#Only on PS3 and Pc soon!!!//!!!//????//??
Looks Nice,but I still like more Pc!!!
But maby thats why i play PS3 agen!!!
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Apr 27, 2011
As long as they remake the console version from the PC version I'm happy and since many likes to play with a controller - even on PC - having this in the background could possibly add a nice surprise for them with controller support. just don't go making pure console crap guys!
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 28, 2011
It's a big market that CD Projekt has missed so far, and I'm surprised it's taken this long after the success of the first title. Still, about time consolers had to wait behind the PC instead of the reverse:)
By Revan (SI Elite) on Apr 28, 2011
Cool. Hopefully it'll be worth getting!
By neilmike (SI Core) on Apr 28, 2011
i've already purchased The Witcher II for pc anyway and i knew they would eventually release the console version as well 'cos the game looks too good to past up on...