505 Games shows Stronghold Defense mode in new Dawn of Fantasy Developer Diary
Posted: 03.05.2011 16:54 by Jamie Davey Comments: 3
505 Games and Reverie World Studios have released a new developer diary for Dawn of Fantasy that shows the Stronghold Defense mode featured in this upcoming MMORTS for the PC.

Stronghold Defense, the defensive counterpart of the Lay Siege skirmish mode, gives players the opportunity to practice defending a prebuilt stronghold in a quick-paced skirmish. Defensive players have an impressive array of tricks available to set up before the invading army reaches their walls; set up spike traps or plant man-eating plants outside your gate to destroy your attackers, position cavalry outside of your walls to trample enemy units, and construct ranged siege weapons and dozens of other wall-mounted siege defenses.

You can see this new Developer Diary below:

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 03, 2011
Either there's lag, the game's not well optimised, or the Dev's PC isn't up to scratch but the choppiness in the frame rate isn't good.
As a fan of the "Stronghold" series (well the first two anyway) and "LoTR: BFME" I find this a cross between the two, but might actually be quite good. Hmmmmm.....
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on May 04, 2011
Agree with your performance comments, but me I don't mind that - I think I will pass this. Mildly amusing, but there are too many other games to play right now.
By ironmike71 (SI Veteran Newbie) on May 04, 2011
Why is it every time I see a video for Dawn of Fantasy the quality appears to be getting worse? Maybe because it is.

There's nothing attractive about this game. Choppy animations, bad lighting, bad artwork. The scenery looks terrible. The visuals were obviously done by entry level students. Can't imagine what the gameplay must be like. Total trash. Throw it in the WalMart bin for 5 bucks.