Sci-Fi Channel and Trion collaborate partnership, new franchise
Posted: 03.06.2008 12:03 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
Both the publisher Trion and cable network Sci-Fi Channel have decided to put their heads together to allow their creation "to grow and expand over time".

They plan to splice a new property through the television and videogames market which isn't entirely unheard of before - let's hope they can stick with it.

There's no actual specifics on the project, just a lot of boardroom speak, as they expect "the cross-platform design will allow the storyline and the universe to grow and expand over time, building depth and dynamically evolving the world."

"Trion's San Diego studio and our platform and publishing groups in Austin and Redwood City will work closely with Sci Fi's creative team in developing a dynamically evolving, massively social, connected entertainment franchise across multiple formats and platforms of choice," said Trion CEO and co-founder Lars Buttler.

"We are laying the foundation for an exciting new co-development model between top cable entertainment and lifestyle brands such as Sci-Fi and connected game and interactive entertainment companies such as Trion."

Let's hope the guys have some substance to their lofty designs or this will be another example of why TV and videogames aren't close brothers, just cousins.

Source: Shacknews