Rayman Origins now full retail title
Posted: 09.05.2011 13:56 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Ubisoft has upgraded Rayman Origins to a full retail release as the latest issue of Game Informer reveals. It also has 4 player co-op with various gameplay styles.

'I Dare You' challenges let players wager on pulling off complex acrobatics. All characters possess the same abilities to keep it 'accessible'. Due out this holiday.

Thanks once again for those magazine pillaging know-it-alls over at NeoGAF for summarising what's to come with Ubisoft's Rayman Origins. It was the publisher's Michel Ancel who spilled a lot of good information for fans to feast upon:

- Ancel notes that he's been working on BG&E2 for "a while". He said they've had a little break from that project that that's where RO started
- He noted that few people finished the original Rayman due to its difficulty. They hope to change that by making this one more accessible while still offering a challenge
- They're trying to design the game to fit various platforming styles. So people that enjoy collecting will have plenty to collect but it's also being designed for those that like to do speedruns
- The Lums you collect will act as currency for new power ups, health and 'I Dare You' challenges.
- 'I Dare You' challenges are where you wager on whether you can complete a complex, acrobatic chain.

- The game now supports 4 player local (they don't say anything about online) co-op.
- "The levels are designed with both single-playing and multiplayer in mind, so no one is at a loss if a player tackles the game alone or in a group.
- Rayman, Globox and two teensies were the 4 characters used in the multiplayer demo
- In order to keep the game accessible all characters will have the same abilities
- While the game was a downloable title it has since become a full retail title. Ancel said that comes from people wanting to make a real sequel
- It's due this holiday for the PS3 and 360

Rayman Origins releases on Xbox 360 and PS3 this holiday. Looking forward to it?

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By thunder9442 (SI Newbie) on May 11, 2011
Good game...