Movie tie-in game for Ubi's Prince of Persia game-inspired movie
Posted: 03.06.2008 13:05 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
Just when you think the corporate big-wigs couldn't get any more diabolical in their schemes they come along and throw us a curve ball like this.

A game will launch alongside the movie in 2009, which isn't a copy "beat for beat" to The Sands of Time original videogame.

The film was written by the series creator Jordan Mechner who said his "goal in writing the Prince of Persia screenplay was not to copy The Sands of Time video game storyline beat for beat, but rather to craft a new story that would live up to the genre of those classic swashbuckling, romantic action-adventure movies that inspired the games in the first place."

"Whether or not you've played the video game, the movie needs to stand on its own," he added.

Jake Gyllenhaal is expected to star in the leading role as our platforming Prince of Persia, which has been met with a mixed bag of feelings. Filming is expected to kick-off this summer in Morocco and Disney has high hopes that Bruckheimer can sprinkle the Pirates of the Caribbean magic.

"The Hollywood directors are very interested in games," enthused Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. "There's a lot that they can learn from us and a lot that we can learn from them. Because we use the same engine and tools, we'll be able to complement each other."

Source: GameDaily


By Revan (SI Elite) on Jun 03, 2008
Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince?!?!? Baaahahahahahahahahahahahah.aha.ha....haa...wait, your NOT joking?!? Oh man, does that mean the next Prince game is gonna be called Brokeback Prince: The Gay Cowboy Rides Again??! ahahahahaaa!