Assault Mode Unlocked in Section 8: Prejudice
Posted: 11.05.2011 18:31 by Comments: 0
TimeGate have just announced that they have unlocked a brand new mode for their downloadable multiplayer-focused shooter, Section 8: Prejudice.

TimeGate told the Section 8 community that it had to reach 10 million kills across all platforms in order unlock the new 'Assault' mode.

The challenge was issued on May 4th, and the count then was at around 5 1/2 million, meaning that that 4.5 million kills were racked up in about a week.

'Assault' is a time attack-like mode where teams take turns in trying to capture all the control points as quickly as possible - one team attacks whilst another defend.

Section 8: Prejudice is currently out on the PC and Xbox 360 for $15/10/1200 MS Points, and a PS3 release is also planned for the summer. You can read our review here.