Planescape: Torment 2 being considered?
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One of the most critically acclaimed roleplaying games of all time was developer Black Isle Studio's Planescape: Torment, which took computer roleplaying game tropes and turned them on their ear.

For example, death was not only not the end of the game, but necessary towards revealing the rest of the plot. The game was also one of the wordiest games ever, with tens of thousands of lines of dialog.

Black Isle Studios closed and reformed for the most part as Obsidian Entertainment, and CEO Feargus Urquhart has tantalizingly stated he wouldn't mind revisiting the 1999 game.

Urquhart told Play Magazine, “There are almost no games in my past that I wouldn’t want to go back and make a sequel to. It’s hard though," then added, “I remember right after finishing Planescape: Torment I spoke to Chris Avellone (Obsidian creative director) and asked what he wanted to do, and he was like, ‘I don’t wanna do a sequel!’ We haven’t talked about it in ten years, but it might be different now. But a lot of revisiting old games is about saying, ‘okay, that worked in 1999, what would work now?’ And how would you do it again?”

On making a sequel, Urquhart warned, "We’d have to think a lot about it, because it would have to be done right, otherwise the fans of the original would be pissed off and new people wouldn’t get it. That would be terrible."

So, a sequel is in Obsidian's minds. Question is, is it something you would like to see? And if so, would it star The Nameless One - whose story was fully told in the first game - or someone new? A game starring Morte, perhaps?
Source: Now Gamer
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By bosnian_dragon (SI Core) on May 13, 2011
Whoa that would be something! Black Isle was my favorite developer back in the days, and I really miss their games... When I just remember Fallout, and the rest of the titles I get shivers... This game would be a total bingo if it could keep the old spirit, but with new graphics and gameplay options. I don't know how, but all the older RPG games had that "misty" feeling attached, and that's what most of the modern RPG games don't have.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on May 13, 2011
There are two big concerns here from my part:
1. Obsidian - may have been the very much loved Black Isle back in time - but that heritage has aged poorly IMO. A buggy new Planscape? If they do - make da**ed well sure to treasure this IP!
2. Setting and rules? Apart from story - Planescape Torment hails from a D&D setting and that setting needs to be nurtured and cared for - both story and play wise and not the least DESIGN-wise coming to the art execution.
2. Rules and playstyle - if they are going for this I would strongly recomend that they either go for the well used or loved 3.5 edition or Paizo pathfinder for base or simply make a rather true to the game 4:ed version. I wouldn't mind seeing a story and decision heavy game with turn based or similar gameplay.

One option is of course to wait even further and let this diamond respectfully rest.