Team Bondi: LA Noire 2 won't take 5 years to make
Posted: 23.05.2011 06:52 by Comments: 6
Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara is promising that it won't take five years for L.A. Noire 2 to be released, as it did for the first game.

“Obviously the Motion Scan technology for capturing actors works and exists and other video game people are using that today, so that’s there and available and quick,” said McNamara. “We developed a lot of tools to make this kind of game, so I think that part of it will be shorter. The writing part you can’t really make any shorter. You can make it shorter than five years, but we’ve also now started working on technology for fully body capture.”

With the body capture technology used for L.A. Noire, Team Bondi can put actors in costumes to walk around and give their performances just as they would in film or television. “We’ll be able to drop that performance in a video game, which will be pretty amazing,” promises McNamara.

“All the lies and misdirection means that we have to map out many routes and a very large script to cover all of the different directions a player can go in the game,” added McNamara. “That means the script by its nature is three times as long because you have these different avenues and there are a lot of logical problems to that, as well.”

L.A. Noire is projected by some analysts to sell 4M copies.
Source: Gamer Live


By neilmike (SI Core) on May 23, 2011
yeah, so how about pc platform this time !!
By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 23, 2011
Same here, no pc version = I don't care.
I'm not buying a console just for those 2-3 games a year i'd like to play.

I could play it on a friends PS3 but that's not the same. Single player games where immersion is important are best played in peace at your own leisure.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on May 23, 2011
That's right you guys. PC ftw!!!
By Eversor (SI Elite) on May 24, 2011
The reason that it won't take five years to make is that the ground work has already been done.
By Odynee (SI Veteran Member) on May 25, 2011
i've just buyed my copy of LA Noire for PS3 ... This game is the best i've ever played.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on May 26, 2011
How are the controls and game setup Odynee? Does it play like GTA and Maffia 2?