Square-Enix reveals E3 lineup
Posted: 03.06.2011 05:28 by Comments: 4
Square-Enix has released a press release announcing the games it'll be showing off at E3 2011 this year.

The games include:

* Tomb Raider, from Redwood City–based studio Crystal Dynamics, ratchets up the intensity and takes gamers into the world of Lara Croft as they have never seen before.
* Final Fantasy XIII=2: A new tale continues the story of Final Fantasy XIII. With new characters come new destinies in Final Fantasy XIII–2, which will be playable for the first time at E3.
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Gaming in 2011 gets augmented with Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Eidos–Montréal, marking the series’ triumphant return.
* Hitman Absolution: Agent 47™ takes on his most dangerous contract to date inHitman Absolution from IO Interactive A/S.
* Dead Island: The island of Banoi may seem like paradise — until players realize they are among a handful of survivors of a zombie outbreak in Dead Island from Deep Silver.
* Dungeon Siege III: Obsidian Entertainment’s Dungeon Siege III offers intuitive action gameplay, a robust RPG system with an extensive selection of abilities, an endless variety of loot and an engaging storyline.

Let us know which game you most want us to check out - because we'll be at E3 covering the show floor.
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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 03, 2011
Tomb Raider is one of the games I like to know more about. This is the sort of reboot that is going to remake and perhaps reshape one of the strongest icons of PC gaming.

DeusEx is soon on the shelves and right now, I just want to have my pre-ordered copy...

FF - never liked those games. But could be interesting to know if they can recover from the last not so liked release.

Dead Island looks really intriguing and as long as the controls aren't GTA:ed I'm really intrigued by this one.

Dungeon Siege III - you could ask the developers if there will be a demo out for PC - Obsidian doens't really have any cread for releasing "working" games and the Dungeon Siege series have been plagued by pointless decision making from the start IMO. First game was too much of move your characters to a place and they will automatically kill anything there. Then move one etc. An in depth of controls and how the game is played could be nice. Also - do they think they will last on the PC side without demo and Diablo III coming closer?
By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Jun 03, 2011
I'm not really all that interested in this selection of games.
By Eversor (SI Elite) on Jun 03, 2011
Too bad that list dosen't include Supreme Commander 3.
By VHugoSama (SI Core) on Jun 03, 2011
Deus Ex and Tomb Raider really seem like good games, as for FF XIII-2 only time will tell, the last sequel they created was trash.