White Knight Chronicles II's EU and US players to share servers
Posted: 15.06.2011 12:55 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Level-5's JRPG White Knight Chronicles II has an expected singleplayer campaign but its multiplayer is very MMO-like and international servers host it.

That means when North America gets White Knight Chronicles II in early August they can join up with PAL region fans who've been enjoying it for a week.

White Knight Chronicles II released last week in Europe and Australia while the US has to wait until June and July are done with. Online it supports teams of 6 for co-op quests and the ability to "freely across the land or create and adapt your own communal town."

The PS3 JRPG features a revised copy of the original game. The studio wanted to expand the online component of the game as community is an important pillar for the franchise. To emphasis this even more the multiplayer servers are international.

White Knight Chronicles II releases exclusively on PS3 August 2nd in the US.

Source: Siliconera