Lulzsec targets Xbox Live, Facebook, Twitter
Posted: 18.06.2011 04:26 by Comments: 18
Hacker group LulzSec has announced that they'll be targeting Xbox Live, Facebook and Twitter, and even claim to have stolen a file with usernames and passwords last night from Live and posted it. However, said file was removed before it could be verified.

Xbox Live has been up, but the Xbox Live site and had been up and down in the past few weeks, which could be Microsoft's reaction to hacking attempts.

However, LulzSec has announced on its Twitter feed that they were going to target Facebook and Social Networking accounts, gloating, "Envelope yourself in the sickening realization that you secretly love ***** someone's Facebook life beyond repair."

Microsoft has been mum about any breach so far, and there have been no reports of accounts being hijacked as of yet.

Update: Microsoft has released a statement, which states that Xbox Live was not compromised to the best of Microsoft's knowledge, and the logins/passwords were released at random, with people encouraged to try said information on services like Xbox Live (among others). "This group appears to have posted a list of thousands of potential email addresses and passwords, and encouraged users to try them across various online sites like Xbox Live in the event one of the users happens to use the same password and email address combination. At this time we do not have any evidence Xbox Live has been compromised. However we take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats."


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 18, 2011
If nothing else, this is showing up all the flaws in the present state of so called Internet Security within companies. Usernames & Passwords are really old hat and this needs to be revised.
So in a way, LulzSec is actually doing the internet community a favour.
Still, they should all hang!
By Aikon_The_Dragonslayer (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 18, 2011
If they hack Microsoft LulzSec can expect to have some more of their members arrested. Microsoft actually do something if they were to get hacked.

As for Facebook and Twitter, I don't really care about them. I never used them and they're both crap nowadays anyway.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jun 18, 2011
If I get my hands on one of these guys I'd beat him over the head with a trout until he passes out, at which point I'd release the Tiger.
By Revan (SI Elite) on Jun 18, 2011
"...fucking someone's Facebook life beyond repair."
Maybe I'm a bit twisted or something, but that Does kinda sound like fun! Maybe Facebook will be interesting again after all! :)
By MindCoil (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 18, 2011
Hm, time to remove all my info... oh wait, Facebook stores that. There is no escape...
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Jun 18, 2011
Good thing I don't really use FB and twitter.
By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Jun 18, 2011
Don't really care my info is public.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jun 18, 2011
Well LulzSec already hacked a CIA website so they're pretty much screwed right now.
By Aikon_The_Dragonslayer (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 18, 2011
They hacked the FBI as well. Although the CIA "hack" wasn't really a hack, it was more of a DDOS.
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Jun 18, 2011
That would be because the DDoS only attacks the public front of the organisation, the website. I don't think that even these hackers have the ability to actually hack CIA and FBI :P
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Jun 18, 2011
They also can't affect Xbox Live itself like they could PSN.

By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 18, 2011
Which 99% of users don't and will never do. For fast access to several accounts or sites, the fast pace of today doesn't allow for users to constantly be looking up Username/Password combos in their notebooks for quick checks of sites. It's an antiquated system and has been shown to be deeply flawed, so it's time for a change.
Wars bring on new developments in technology, and cyber attacks are no different.
By JPerry06 (SI Core) on Jun 20, 2011
be interesting to see what they replace usernames and passwords with. Will we be getting finger print readers as part of your live membership ha!

I wouldnt be so pissed off with hackers if they did their business better. If they went we are going to crash the PSN for two hours on tues rather then take credit details i would be like well guess they are showing Sony they need better security. But to take personal details, yes shows sony they need better security but will also piss us users off.
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Jun 20, 2011
It might just be a software package that automatically authenticates you. Something encrypted into itself so the user can't hack it, like a user-side security certificate.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Jun 21, 2011
well you always have to keep personal info off the site like FaceBook and twitter for email adresses oh well if you have a secondary email adress you use on sites such as these youl be fine for the rest its just being carefull and changing your pass time to time
By Aikon_The_Dragonslayer (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 22, 2011
Apparently another one of the hackers has been arrested yesterday, some one called Ryan Clearly. Good old British Police.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Jun 23, 2011
By Aikon_The_Dragonslayer (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 23, 2011
@lichlord: The guy they said got arrested is guy I mentioned but this goes into detail with this arrest. Some pretty interesting stuff.