Nothing official planned for Dungeon Siege 3
Posted: 09.06.2008 16:45 by Kres Comments: 1

Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games has told CVG that the comments he made about Dungeon Siege 3 being a single character role doesn't mean the game is actually in development, and that nothing official is going to be made as the team are at the idea stage.

“We have not made any official announcements, or have any official plans, but we are kicking ideas around, and that’s no secret,” said Taylor.

“The example I gave was the multi-character parties… saying I was done with the big parties, because it really took the focus away from the main hero. In fact, in Dungeon Siege, it was hard to really have a ‘main’ hero, so-to-speak.”

So it'll be quite awhile until we hear anything more about Dungeon Siege 3, we think.


By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 12, 2008
It was hard to get into Dungeon Siege at all since so much felt like "Fantasy fighting Sims". Add silly hats and point the party in one directioin and they did everything themselves.

I skipped on the sequel but maybe the third time around will be interesting?