Sword 2: Revelations launched
Posted: 21.07.2011 04:00 by Comments: 0
GamersFirst has announced that they have released their free-to-play MMORTS, Sword 2: Revelations. The sequel adds three new expanded skill systems, a new area for questing and exploration, a new unique starting character and pet.

“One of the most exciting things about working on a living, breathing MMO like Sword 2 is that they are evolving and growing worlds,” says Myra Widodo, associate producer for GamersFirst. “We have taken great care in seeking the advice of our community, and as such, they have directly molded much of the new content and features, particularly the new skill systems within Revelations.”

The new skills sets includes Alchemy, Cooking and Wing Crafting. Alchemy allows players to try to create new items from previously worthless vendor trash, while Cookie allows players to create feasts from recipes that buff attack power, energy, defense and magic abilities - and these feasts can include up to six player families. The new Viron Island area features three distinct forests with new challenges and quests.

Players can download the free MMO client from the official site here.