Sony exec says PS4 just 'speculation'
Posted: 25.07.2011 05:17 by Comments: 6
Sony’s executive country manager for India, Atindriya Bose, stated in an interview that from his perspective, all of the recent talk of the PlayStation 4 is just "speculation".

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Bose related on the possible development of the PS4:

"Too speculative. I think, with me being as a business head of a country, I will definitely not have an exposure to the development at such an early phase. Having said that I have a feeling that if you take a look at that the PlayStation 3 experience, the first four years have gone in to strengthening the positioning the PS3 among the core gamers, who still remain the heart of PlayStation. So PS3 is vouched for by the core gamers and we have created a very strong relation with them."

Of course, Bose admitted that this was from his perspective, and he's not privy to the goings on in the development team of Sony. That, and "strengthening the position of the PS3" may be a mistake with the Wii U due for launch in 2013 and rumblings that the Xbox 720 could be arriving in 2012.

Let us know what you think.
Source: CinemaBlend
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By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Jul 25, 2011
Sony likes to be the last one to show its cards.
By CaptainJoy (SI Newbie) on Jul 25, 2011
i finally hear some sensible words from sony.
By JPerry06 (SI Core) on Jul 25, 2011
I guess they wont say anything if ps3 sales are still going well.
By VHugoSama (SI Core) on Jul 25, 2011
Don't really care!
By Thibby (SI Core Veteran) on Jul 25, 2011
Of course there is going to be a PS4 no doubt about that.
By corneliusw (SI Newbie) on Aug 02, 2011
I'm not sure. I was reading at that PS4 will be released in 2014. I think that is fair since they have typically went with a new console every six years, but with it taking so long for the PS3 to take off and Sony claiming it will have 10 years of life span it could put the console in between 2012-2016. I don't see 2012 as a legit release as it is only next year, and Sony hasn't made a profit off PS3 for long. I don't see the rush for a PS4 as games have not come near using all of PS3's power. I would rather wait a few years before they even comment on the PlayStation 4.