Microsoft Game Studios Europe: "we shall not cancel games" ever
Posted: 13.06.2008 11:26 by Jamie Davey Comments: 6
Business development manager Peter Zetterberg proclaimed the European MGS doesn't cancel games, "we stick with them."

This comes as a sly little dig to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe who axed two internal projects, The Getaway and Eight Days at their London studio.

"Maybe we sometimes announce them earlier than we should, but we stick with them, we have our resources team work with them as much as we can," he told

"It's crunch time down in Guildford now and we have people working their butts off to make Fable 2 happen. We do not, we shall not cancel games."

Zetterberg says around 600 game concepts a year run by him in some way, either on a used serviette or from a flashy presentation. Sadly not all those creative packages will make the cut as about 30 make it to discussion level, around about 5 could be given a thumbs up in which only 3 might be actually signed by MGS. Darwinism at its finest.

He goes on to say that us Europeans like more locally relevant games, "There's a reason why Microsoft hasn't been that successful in the past on the continent because they sit in Redmond and it's hard to understand how to make fifteen games for a smaller European market."

Click here for the full interview between Peter Zetterberg and

Lionhead Studio's Fable 2
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By Praetorian (SI Core) on Jun 13, 2008
Thats good never cancel game make more lol...
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 13, 2008
It is in MS&#039; interest to keep the Windows as a gaming platform with all the sell of extra OS&#039; and games that gets attention close to their Xbox business...

Good to know that they will keep at it though ;)
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jun 13, 2008
I wish they weren&#039;t such a crappy firm! They lie all the time, I mean Fable 2 was delayed for 2 years!
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Jun 13, 2008
Well they have to fined a way not to lose costumers dont they?
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 13, 2008
Also, if they like the sale potential of a game, they buy the company. Not doing too well with trying to acquire 2K though.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 17, 2008
Well considering 2K&#039;s take on how to treat their Consumers as well as EA I prefer MS any day! Too bad they are so stuck on that crappy Games for Windows-mania...