From Dust PC delayed, XBLA on target
Posted: 25.07.2011 22:53 by Comments: 8
Joystiq is reporting that developer Project Dust told them, "From Dust will hit XBLA this Wednesday and will release on PC on Wednesday, August 17."

The three week delay sounds like some last minute bug fixing and overall polish. The PSN version is still not dated.
Source: Joystiq


By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jul 25, 2011
Dammit. And here I was, looking forward for this game, when out of the blue, BAM, a delay.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Jul 26, 2011
That's the benefit of having a standardized platform. You don't have to account for a ton of PC configurations.
By neilmike (SI Core) on Jul 26, 2011
Well, Ubisoft you're full of shit and i think they must have hated the pc platform as simple as that !!...
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Jul 26, 2011
No. Project Dust is just making sure it's nice and bug-free.
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Jul 26, 2011
I understand making sure they don't have bugs. But Ubisoft has delayed every AC game in the past few years, and now this. If they know they will have problems with PC compatibility, it might be better to adjust the overall schedule, than make PC users feel like second class buyers every single time.
By Knave (SI Core) on Jul 26, 2011
Yeah, I would say that it would be more shocking news if Ubisoft released a game on time rather than delaying it!
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Jul 27, 2011
Well, be thankful they're not running on valve time :P