Red Dead Redemption DLC is 'Myths & Mavericks Bonus Pack'
Posted: 28.07.2011 11:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
The impending free DLC for Red Dead Redemption this September has been unveiled by Rockstar Games as the 'Myths & Mavericks Bonus Pack'.

It'll sport "new fan-favorite" multiplayer characters by "popular demand" as well as new locations for various online modes. It's a "show of appreciation" .

The multiplayer DLC pack arrives this September on Xbox Live and the PSN entirely free of charge as a "show of appreciation for the awesome long-term support for the game's multiplayer modes since its release in 2010", said Rockstar Games.

"The Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack will feature new fan-favorite multiplayer characters by popular demand (including a certain grizzled ol' gunslinger as pictured above) as well as new multiplayer locations for players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other popular online modes to get busy in," they explained.

Many fans of the cowboy action romp, including myself, are still holding out for an announcement that Marston will be moseying onto PCs around the world at some point. Rockstar has a good track record for bringing their major console releases to PC.

Will you be enjoying this free DLC treat?


By JPerry06 (SI Core) on Jul 28, 2011
i will def be getting it as i have just got undead so back on it now days.
By Knave (SI Core) on Jul 28, 2011
Free DLC, so I can't complain. I never got much chance to play around in the multiplayer mode of Red Dead, this may be a good excuse to give it another try. Try co-op this time around as the free roam tended to just have a bunch of guys running around killing me.
By JPerry06 (SI Core) on Jul 29, 2011
Knave add me on psn (Mighty_Yogi) and I believe Thibby plays RDR as well.

We can get together and play so co-op if you want.